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Why ServeTeam

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Why ServeTeam

ServeTeam have proven it’s worth time and time again. Not only have we managed to secure a high client retention and repetition rate. We also have the best virtual assistants to offer for different niches. All of our clients can vouch for the quality of the services provided by virtual assistants. And this is why we have a 98.4% client retention rate. And a 99.7% client repetition rate. This means that not only our clients stick with us for a long time and trust us to provide assistance in their everyday work. But they also come back with different projects. We have earned this trust with quality services and hard work. 

Not just our clients, but esteemed platforms like BloggerLocalUSA have featured our company. We have also been featured in Clutch. It is an esteemed portal that reviews companies from different sectors. And it has reviewed more than 300 companies in the assistance niche. And among some of the best companies, ServeTeam was ranked first. This is all an outcome of our hard work and dedication. Apart from BloggerLocalUSA and Clutch, TimeDoctor has also evaluated virtual assistant companies in the United States. They also chose ServeTeam among the best three visual assistant providing companies. 

How and why are we better 

We offer an array of services. And for them, we have been reviewed by some of the most esteemed portals in the industry. Some sites have even named us the best virtual assistant providers. We exist to help and free up time. And with this goal in mind, we have been growing and improving the business and work-life balance. Several competitive offerings set us apart from other companies:

We offer 24/7 client support

We have 10+ years of experience as virtual professionals

We have served over 1000+ clients

We are known for employing the top talent

You can hire our assistant in a day

We manage virtual assistants for our clients

All of our assistants work from supervised offices

You don’t need to hire any specialized talent for different work. Your virtual assistant can perform all of the work for you.

Why we exist

With our sheer amount of dedication and keeping the focus on increasing the quality of our services. We have been recognized by esteemed portals. Being celebrated for our work sure feels nice, but this was not the motive of our existence. Our company exists to help organizations free up their time. We understand how important time is. We help create a work-life balance. And enable them to concentrate on their business growth. There are several businesses around the world in different niches. And 99% of them struggle to find leads. Not only that, every day tedious tasks overwhelm them. And take up all the valuable time and energy of the business owners and executives. Finding time to focus on the actual business operations and selling can be tough. This is where our company comes in. we exist to help businesses like you. We work to take the burden off your shoulders and free up time. So, you can focus on real business operations. 
What we sell and why 

It must be a little hard to believe. But we actually sell time, business growth, and peace of mind. We help the executives with our services. And free up their time while providing them peace of mind that their operations are in good hands. Most of the businesses are juggling several operations at once. And they will appreciate some help. Wodbows help them with this. Be it business operations, accounting, appointment set up, customer support, calendar management, digital marketing, online lead generation, ad posting, admin tasks, following up with the leads, social media management, website maintenance transaction and listing coordination, and CRM management or any other operation. We can help. Most business owners have to train their employees to perform all of these operations. And it adds up to their cost and takes up time. This eventually increases the cost of the business and decreases their profits. 

ServeTeam help the businesses struggling with this issue. We offer trained and professional virtual assistants. The business owners can delegate their day-to-day operations and hire professional help. Most business owners sometimes go for freelancers. But they have to keep tabs on them and the process of hiring them, training them, and providing everyday tasks still takes up a lot of time. ServeTeam offer all the benefits of freelancers without the additional hassle. All the virtual assistants are professionally trained. So, there will be no wastage of time or resources. Our assistants will become an extension of your team. And you can contact them as your in-house team. The assistants we provide will always be available on the phone during working hours. And complete the projects given by you with utmost care. 

Who do we serve 

ServeTeam is known for serving small, medium business owners as well as entrepreneurs, and executives. Not only have we satisfied several clients with our services and hold a high client retention rate. But we also have expertise in working with clients from various industries niche. We have assistants trained for specific industries and requirements. And when you get the touch with s. You can get to know all about it in detail. 

Our appropriate pricing model 

If you hire a specific employee for every business operation like digital marketing, web designing, personal assistant, etc. Then you have to spend around $10000/month. But our rates only start with $49/week. We offer the best talents at competitive pricing.

Quality Assurance Team

100% Assurance

The specialist that performs the data entry work takes care of the accuracy. Once they are done, the data entry work is checked by two layers of supervisors to ensure a 100% accuracy rate. We have always taken care of accuracy. And provide the highest accuracy possible in the data entry industry. 

Decade long experience

All of the engineers working on the project have more than 10 years of experience in data entry and data processing. This ensures accuracy and timely delivery of the project. And is one of the reasons for our success.